I’m Rajesh Soni and this is the story of how I became “THE AUTOMATION COLOSSUS OF MUMBAI”.


Welcome, grab a cup of iced coffee, wiggle around your chair to find the most comfortable position, and pay close attention because what I’m about to tell you 100% happened. You also don’t want to miss the GIFT I’ve prepared FOR YOU at the end.

Name’s Rajesh Soni but you can call me Raj.

I grew up in Mumbai, India. Land of ancient secrets and Bollywood of course!

Learned to code at the age of 18 and started programming as a freelancer in ’06. Since then, I climbed the ranks with a relentless work ethic and my innovative automation solutions to the top 2% from over 40 million users around the WORLD on freelancer.com

This is the moment where they crowned me the title of “The Automation Colossus of Mumbai”

And I’d come down to pass onto the Freelancer.com hall of fame.

You can still check my profile there!


I was even around when Freelancer.com was still called Scriptlance.com

Ever since, I’ve procured a portfolio of over 1200+ projects with a perfect 5 out of 5 rating, and a 99% project completion rate.

So, you know I’m a total OG there!

After helping so many entrepreneurs, I realized something.

The services I provided were great and all but I wanted to reach more people and provide them with even more value.

That’s when the epiphany struck!

Instead of having to start from the ground up with every new client I got, I could just develop more general automation tools that benefited a larger portion of my market. That way, I could help thousands of entrepreneurs at once.

That’s when this business was born.

A business focused on taking out all the mindless tasks. Those Loooong and booooring steps you HAVE to take to close a deal like contract submissions during a property buying process or the thousands of orders you have to fill for your dropshipping business.

Up until now, there’s been no way around these repetitive, buzzkilling, dry, where-the-heck-is-the-fun-in-this processes.

But now, you’ve found a way around!

With my automation tools, you’ve found a way to save a lot of time, money, and most importantly, a way to ACTUALLY HAVE FUN when doing business and to get a TRUE PASSIVE INCOME!

Best of all, you know for a fact these amazing tools come straight from a badass programmer and not from some shady here-today-gone-tomorrow coder.

Since the day I discovered programming I have not looked back for one second on a different path I could’ve chosen. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE programming and for me nothing takes the candy quite like losing myself for hours and hours just coding.

And I want you to know that wherever you are, wherever life might take you to close more deals and get more sales, my tools -my babies- will always follow you around with EVERY OUNCE of fire, passion, and cramped fingers from so much typing, I put into creating them!

That’s the best Guarantee there is in the world!

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The last thing I want you to do for me is to use this token of my appreciation for taking the time to read through the rambles of a crazy programmer.

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And may the Trimurti guide you to everlast success!

-Rajesh Soni